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  • • Come in and speak with our Treatment Coordinator.
  • • Tell us what you'd like to achieve with treatment.
  • • We'll take some photos of your teeth to identify areas of need.

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  • • Our Specialist Orthodontist will review your photos and offer you a list of treatment options that are suitable for your orthodontic needs.
  • • Our Treatment Coordinator will discuss your treatment options with you and help you understand the process to achieving your beautiful new smile.


  • • After our discussions you can decide whether you would like to go ahead with treatment.
  • • We hope you'll decide to be a patient with us at Pure Orthodontics.

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How much does the first appointment cost?

Nothing! Your first appointment is free and there's no obligation to start treatment.

Who will I meet?

You will meet one of our Treatment Coordinators who will be your point of
contact during your time with us.

How much does treatment cost?

We will provide you with a quote for your treatment options and informationon our flexible finance plans.

When can I make an appointment?

Fill in the form above and we'll be in touch to arrange a time that's convenient for you.
Your treatment journey can then begin.