What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry which focuses on correcting the overall alignment of a patient's teeth and jaws.

What is orthodontic treatment?

What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

An orthodontist has embarked on further specialist postgraduate study in the field of orthodontics, after qualifying as a dentist. At Pure Orthodontics, our specialist orthodontist, Dr Monica Reinach, undertook a further four years of training and continues her professional development with regular training courses.

Orthodontist vs Dentist

I don’t want to wear metal braces: what are my options?

Even if you don’t want braces there are still a number of different orthodontic treatments available, including:

  • • Clear braces which use clear brackets that are relatively inconspicuous on the teeth.
  • • Hidden lingual braces which are placed out of sight behind the teeth, providing a near invisible braces solution.
  • • Invisalign which uses aligners to move teeth into position. These aligners are made from a clear plastic material making them virtually invisible.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages so specialist orthodontic advice is essential.

Metal braces

Can I visit the practice for a free appointment?

Absolutely! In fact we strongly recommend it. We offer a free initial appointment during which you will have a short consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators who will be advised by our specialist orthodontist on the best and most effective treatment for you. After this, one of our Treatment Coordinators will then explain all types of braces in detail and discuss our flexible payment plans.

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How much do braces cost?

The cost varies depending on the treatment option. At Pure Orthodontics, treatment starts from as little as £80 per month. We offer flexible finance plans with monthly instalments. For more information on our prices, visit our payment options page.

Payment options

How long will treatment take?

Treatment typically lasts between 12 and 18 months, though it can take up to two years depending on the severity of the case. Retainers are then fitted to hold the position of the teeth while they settle.


Is orthodontic treatment painful?

Having braces fitted to your teeth isn't painful as the brackets are simply bonded to the front of your teeth. However, as your teeth start moving, you can expect some aching and they will be tender when you bite. This usually settles down in a few days, although some patients do experience a degree of tenderness for a longer period. The amount of discomfort varies enormously from person to person, but this can usually be relieved with over-the-counter pain relief.

Orthodontic treatment

How often do I have to visit the orthodontist?

When you first embark on treatment, several appointments will be needed to assess your teeth, take records, arrange for any extractions (if required) and fit the appliance. Once your braces or aligners have been fitted, we will need to see you every four to six weeks to assess progress and carry out any adjustments.


Are appointments available outside work and school hours?

At Pure Orthodontics, we endeavour to fit into your schedule wherever possible. We offer flexible appointment times, late evenings and Saturday appointments too.

Orthodontist appointment

Are braces just for children and teenagers?

Certainly not! It’s never too late to benefit from orthodontic treatment and we are treating more and more adults. Orthodontics is suitable for anyone of any age. Our patients range in age from teenagers through to patients in their 70s.

Braces for adults

Will I need to have teeth extracted?

There is no single answer to this question. Much depends on the sort of problem which needs correcting and a decision can only be reached on the basis of a detailed case assessment. We recommend coming in for a free appointment so we can take photos of your teeth. Our specialist orthodontist, Dr Reinach, can then review these and advise you on whether or not you'll need teeth extracted.

Teeth extraction

I had braces when I was younger, but after I stopped wearing my retainer my teeth have shifted. Is this common?

Yes, it is more common than you think. A large percentage of the patients we see are repeat treatment (this includes two members of our staff!) Teeth are actually more dynamic than you’d expect; however, Pure Orthodontics offers bonded retainers as part of the treatment cost which are small pieces of wire that sit on the back of your teeth to prevent teeth moving in the future. Whilst these are optional we would strongly recommend them.


How does orthodontic treatment affect sport?

We recommend mouthguards are worn over braces to avoid injuries to the mouth. If you are wearing Invisalign aligners, you can remove these while playing sport, but remember to put them back in immediately after.

Orthodontic treatment

How does orthodontic treatment affect playing musical instruments?

Different orthodontic appliances may cause some difficulty with the playing of musical instruments but let us know which instrument you play as we may be able to fit you with an appliance that doesn't affect this.

Orthodontic treatment

Do you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion?

Please contact our Practice Manager Sengar Haydon by email sengar@pureorthodontics.co.uk, or telephone 01245 46 3000

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Still have a question?

That’s perfectly normal. Deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment is a big decision and shouldn’t be rushed into. Pure Orthodontics offers a free initial appointment which gives us the chance to look at your particular case and advise you on the best treatment options. It also provides you with the perfect opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish!

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